TIPUP, an innovative bed lift mechanism

TipUp® is a groundbreaking bed-lift mechanism designed by award-winning architect Giulio Manzoni, manufactured and distributed by PB Mek.


Our innovative lift mechanism redefines the concept of bed lifting addressing the many shortcomings of traditional bracket and strut mechanisms.


Effortless bed opening and closing with a fingertip allows for virtually infinite intermediate stops at any opening angle.

Our patented technology allows kids and elderly alike to safely operate the bed without the risks associated with standard solutions.

Our uniquely developed, shock-absorbing gas-springs mechanically prevent abrupt falls or sudden closing. TipUp® innovative design puts an end to “beartrap” risks in traditional mechanisms.

The complete system complies with the most stringent safety regulations.


TipUp® fits any type of bed frame: wooden or steel, spring framed or slated. Its 3 different assembly positions minimize the required gas-spring force thus making it suitable for any type of mattress.


TipUp® reduces assembly time by over 65% without requiring any tool. Its weight and size have been carefully reduced making it one of the lightest and most compact solutions on the market with substantial transportation and installation cost savings.